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Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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26th Jan 2015

...thought I would share this with you all...and for those that don't know me because I don't play Destiny...  ...I spend 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a computer creating CAD drawings (and that's A LOT of white light to be starin' intently at) and then I'll put in 3 to 4 hours of gaming in the evenings, and sometimes up to 10 hours or so of gaming on a Saturday and Sunday...and my eyes were KILLIN' me!!! ...they would feel dry, scratchy and irritated and all of that eye strain was causing me some nasty headaches at times...

...for Christmas I asked Santa for some GUNNAR computer/gaming glasses...I was a bit skeptical of the review claims but knew I needed to try something to relieve the eye strain...out of the box they were just a tad unsettling due to the lens color, but after just an evening of gaming, I was hooked...they have definitely aided my eyes and relieved them from a lot of the eye strain issues I was experiencing...the dry, itchy eyes are gone and I have not had a "vision headache" for a month now (and they had been coming a couple of times a week)...working in CAD all day is A LOT less irritating to my eyes too...GUNNAR'S work!!! ...I actually forgot to put my GUNNAR'S on one evening a couple of weeks ago, and while gaming, my eyes started to feel dry, itchy and irritated and I reached up to rub my eyes and thought, "crap, I forgot my glasses!"...I will highly recommend them to anyone spending a whole week staring at a computer monitor for work and then trying to game in the evenings...I know they are a bit "pricey" but to me they are DEFINITELY, TOTALLY worth it!!! ...your mileage may vary...
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Joined: 17th Jun 2014
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26th Jan 2015

Sounds great! One Question, What about us pore souls that have to wear prescription glasses? It's like I told the guy trying to sell me a 3D TV.. I asked why would I want to wear a second set of glasses when I watch a movie? If they make a set that will fit comfortably over my existing glasses maybe I will give them a try.

** By the way, when are you going to START playing Destiny?

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Last Edit: 26th Jan 2015 by RusticBob
Joined: 12th Jan 2015
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26th Jan 2015

Thanks for the review. I've heard and read about them but never known anyone that actually used them. I have the same dry, itchy eye stuff going on so I may have to invest in a pair.

Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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26th Jan 2015

How much did they pay you for your Testimonial? lol.
Don't let the Destiny people get you hooked....:-P
Anyway, I have looked at getting these before but I am hesitant because they have magnification and I have already paid to get my eyes fixed. I dont want to feel like I have to rely on Gunnar glasses to see the tv screen okay after wearing them for awhile.

You CAN get Gunnar's with your prescription if you would want to spend the money. ... rescription-wearers/
Last Edit: 26th Jan 2015 by FrenchFryFRiend
Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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26th Jan 2015

..."magnification"? ...really? ...I was not aware of that...and I definitely do not see it...if they do, it must be so low on the diopter scale that it's not worth reporting...I have to use reading glasses for just about everything and since GUNNAR'S are not offered in diopter levels I had to increase the zoom on my documents in order to read them...and I still keep a pair of reading glasses handy for things that cannot have zoom imparted on them...and as for "how much did they pay me for my testimonial" more than anyone around here gets paid for ranting about their Titanfall or Destiny I stated, "your mileage may vary"...six-two and even, over and out...and I'm outta' here...
Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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27th Jan 2015

I was joking about getting paid of course. But yeah, everywhere I have read what people think of them they say there is a slight magnification.
Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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27th Jan 2015

I've owned 2 pairs. The first died a horrible death during a lag induced rage session. :-)

The replacements I bought live at work, where my eyes can use the relief on long days.

Not fond of them for gaming, but they are quite good for reading.

Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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28th Jan 2015

...Munk, along that same line I will say that they are so light-weight that I can't help but feel that they feel "flimsy"...I try to be extra careful with them just in case...
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