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Question Concerning ISP's
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9th Jul 2016

So we've found a house we would like to move to and come to find out they don't offer any high speed internet in that area. I've always had internet through my cable company...not some BS satellite service. What's required to play online? Because I'm guessing it would no longer be possible. I haven't even called to see what the best service they offer is, because I really doubt it would be enough.

I've pretty much said I refuse to move there simply because of the internet. This is not going over well at home. lol

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9th Jul 2016

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10th Jul 2016 I looked at that chart and gave these people a call. The ISP is called Frontier. I've never heard of them before. This guy is telling me all kinds of stuff about how their DSL service is so much better than what I have now. That with DSL I have a dedicated line and with cable I'm sharing the line with everyone else. Blah blah blah. Anyways...this is what they claim they can offer me. If this is accurate it seems like it may be manageable? However I believe I'm paying for 65MB download now and I get like 35 probably. So for all I know the 24MB they're offering could be more like 10dl and less than 1mb up. Anyways...just looking for opinions I guess. Is this do-able for tolerable online gaming? While I was posting this my girl told the people we didn't want the house and that was mainly based on me saying F that to the internet. It would be an upgrade by so much and save us money. But I gots to have my interwebs!
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My wife left me because of my obsession with Call Of Duty. She won't get far though, I put a claymore by the doorway. ... JasonCarter1977 ... OADGAMING ... owboxer1977 ... 6rfCVT3rtCTdtBCkHM9w

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10th Jul 2016

have you looked into getting a mobile hotspot? Ive got a 3g hotspot that I got at walmart (straight talk) a few yrs ago, it's pre-paid ($15 1gb). I just use it to have net access the rare occasion I need to connect my laptop from a job site to get tech support or download a .pdf file. in my area it's on the verizon network so it does what I need to it to do, IDK what good it might do for gaming but it's an option....

https://www.straighttalk. ... .hotspotserviceplans
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10th Jul 2016

You could have lag hax with that connection Shadow, think of the possibilities. That upload speed is a little faster than what I had when I got the PS3 at launch.
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10th Jul 2016

Is the house in a rural area?

The ping with satellite makes it useless for gaming. DSL speeds are contingent to how close you are to the Central Office or DSLAM. The CS Rep is right about having a single line to the CO or DSLAM. After that though, you get grouped in with everyone else. So you could technically still experience congestion if the area is over-served.

Cable is light years ahead of DSL when it comes to speeds, the ability to upgrade, and pings. I'm stuck on DSL and would switch to Cable in a second if I could. If you live in a rural area, it takes forever for DSL companies to upgrade their infrastructure. So, you'd probably be stuck at those speeds for a very long time.

Also, what a CS Rep says you can get for speed, and the speed you can ACTUALLY get are usually two different things. So many factors with DSL effect speed. You are right, 24Mbps is actually more like 20. 1Mbps is more like .800Mbps if everything is working right. Notice it says "as fast as". But that would be good enough for gaming.

Good luck with your decision!

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