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Teams and Team Managers
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1st Jun 2017

The following is a breakdown of Teams and the Team manager functions being implemented.

This includes information for both Admins and members who might be interested in being a Team Manager

A New Feature: Team Manager Updates!

Here’s a small taste of what we have been working for our new big update soon, it is called the Team Manager. In here, teams can be used to divide your members into groups. Once a team is created, a manager will be assigned to manage member of the team and to accept/deny applications/applicants at the same time. This feature will have more updates next month but we tend to give a little preview of what Team Manager is all about.

Team Manager

This feature was requested by one of our largest community in iClan Websites, the Hardcore League community. This feature will help big and small clans as they can now divide their community into multiple groups and will have their own Managers for each existing group.

First, go to Admin Panel > Members > Teams

Then, you will be redirected to the Team Manager page, click “New Team” to add a new one.

In here, you can set the Name of the Team, set the Team Manager of the team, put labels and assign a recruitment form to manage.

Afterwards, go to your website’s homepage, and hover My Center.

Then, you will see the Team Name that you will be able to manage.

In Manage Team Page, you can now add members of your team and edit some settings.

Also, you can now review the applications that was Accepted/Rejected/Pending in here.

This is easier to manage because you can now setup multiple recruitment forms and Team Managers can now individually manage their own Team.

Also, when you go to Admin Panel > Menu > Recruitment > Recruitment Forms.

You can now use “Duplicate” function to duplicate a certain Recruitment Form and just edit some minor changes on it as well as renaming it.

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