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Reviews for CODAW on both consoles!
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Joined: 3rd May 2014
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3rd Nov 2014

How is it guys?  Do you like it or not?  Give good reasons for your likes and no likes.  Don't just say "It sucks" or "it's the best".  Give good solid examples.

Please no flaming or trolling.  Every one has their own opinions.  

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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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3rd Nov 2014

Its good. The thing with Call of Duty is you cant really tell all the issues it has until a few weeks after launch. I had fun with it but sometime it seemed like you would pump bullets into a guy and he would kill you in one bullet. A lot of people had one bar connections last night, hopefully thats something they can fix. Exo movement is a lot of fun, it really helps you stay alive longer if you use it while being shot at. Jump off the building you are on, boost around a corner or if you are in the open, just boost to the side. The Time to Kill didnt seem that bad to me and that was the main thing that put me off of MW3 and Ghosts. It was just the inconsistency of your deaths. Killstreaks dont seem overpowered and so you dont feel like you are constantly dieing to somebodys chopper or whatever. Time will tell if this game is really good or not, but it looks promising to me personally.
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Joined: 17th Jun 2014
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3rd Nov 2014

The game was unplayable over the weekend and actually sold my copy on sunday(The day after i bought it) The game mechanics seemed flawed at the time and also,as fry mentioned the time to kill was so inconsistant both ways (i won gun fights i should never have won and vice versa) here are my main points.

1) The exo boosting- The reason double jump/boosting/hovering works in games like Destiny/Halo is that the time to kill is alot longer so gives lag a bit of leighway. You might not kill someone that you should have killed BUT you also dont die instantly (although maybe a bit quicker than you should) I Love how fast and fluid the game is (i had a huuuuge smile on my face the first time someone tried to shoot me from behind, and i evaded him,boosted forward,then up then right to the platform above and shot him from behind!) But its biggest selling point is its biggest weakness. The last few cod's have been crippled with matchmaking/lag compensation issues so why make it quicker? just seems to amplify these problems.

2)spawns-seems revenge spawns are back, i get killed and i spawn right behind the person who killed me. Also on uplink/capture the flag its faaaaar to easy to manipulate the spawns. This is an issue that can be rectified with some updates though.

3)guns- The gun choice and variation is fantastic, Each gun feels very different and each class feels like its supposed to. there are parts of the map where certain guntypes are stronger and you adjust your play style accordingly. I am loving the IMR and feel like its head and shoulders above the other AR's(although alot of people seem to be absolutely destroying with the energy beam LMG)

4)exo suit abilities- Have tried to use them and have seen people use them to great affect(shield , erm . . . shielding the player from explosions) but i think they are just a gimmick tbh (ALOT of people will disagree, just my opinion!) Id rather use that point for something else.

Iv warmed up to it a bit but i cant see myself investing as much time in to it as i did with previous titles.

Still better than ghosts though.

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Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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4th Nov 2014

I love it i am sure a little patch here and there will make the game much better and more balanced....
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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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4th Nov 2014

Joined: 10th Jun 2014
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8th Nov 2014

Was on the fence with this release until I played it.

It is a hybrid with a learning curve.
I primarily use the suits for ground movement (cover to cover, dodging,etc.) and only use the flight to reach higher elevations. (ex-infantry, my feet are suppose to stay on the ground not fly)

It takes a combination of finding the right weapons and their attachments, perks and palying with the sensitiviity and brightness settings to get you headed in the right direction. Pay real close attention to your sensitivity settings as that makes a huge difference.

Standard combat tactics still apply just that instead of looking up for windows and pearches you are actually looking for flying bodies (no not the pleasing after effects of body parts after you have just creamed someone with a grenade)

All in all in it a fun and fast paced game.
Hint - play the single player first. It makes a differnce.

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Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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8th Nov 2014

It's like watching a bunch of frogs jumping around when your out fishing, but it's not that hard to shoot them out of the air. So happy frog shooting.
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Last Edit: 8th Nov 2014 by ASA Assassin VN
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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8th Nov 2014

I didn't really like it that much. I used to be an avid COD fan, but I was already missing Destiny within the first hour of playing AW - not a good sign. I ended up selling mine must a couple hours ago to someone on Craigslist. There were a couple of issues that will probably be patched, but I took that into consideration prior to making the final decision to sell it. There was some good though if I'm going to be fair.

The good:

I thought the exo movement brought a little different feel to the game. Not quite as dramatic as the wall-running effect on Titanfall, but I liked how it allowed you to get to some rooftops and opened up the maps a bit. I miss the map sizes from games like MW2 and MW3, but those were rarely going vertical unless you climbed some stairs. Without that height, the x and y axis of the maps seemed pretty small - a little to close for comfort for me to feel good about sniping.

Pick 13 was cool... I didn't get too far in the progression tree, but I could see how this would benefit you based on the type of game mode you're playing and/or the role you have on your team. There seemed to be a large amount of options for customization that would have been fun to experiment with.

The bad:

After my initial game download issues and only playing for about an hour on "day zero", I felt like I was getting spawn-camped by night #2. Perhaps the overall small size of the maps would leave you thinking you were being spawn-camped when in fact the number of players vs space to spawn creates a high probability that you will be in visual range of just about any player during each spawn.

Same player tactics - regardless of all the new features that I liked, there were still tons of people prone in a corner picking me off every time I went by that spot. I used to deal with these people via grenade toss, but it seemed like the grenades rarely got kills unless I used semtex and stuck someone in the face with one. It's possible I wasn't aiming them well, but they just had an underpowered feel compared to what I remember from older COD games.

Lag... tons of lag. I know games lag a bunch on the week they're released, but the COD franchise has no reason to be conservative with their servers after how much presale profit they made and how much they've made in the past on these games... it just felt like laziness to me NOT to have buffed it up that week for your fans. I can't tell you how many times I got killed and say where the guy who killed me was on his kill-cam, knowing he was right in front of me and I couldn't see him.

Maybe it's me just getting older, but I'm not sure I can call myself a COD fanboy anymore. Battlefield has its quirks too, but I think my personal preference has changed a bit over the years. And when Destiny was introduced, I never thought I would like PVE, but I'm hooked on it now. Thanks for the few hours I played with you guys... keep posting your videos because I still like watching good gameplay.
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Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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13th Nov 2014

Just quick post I am really enjoying campaign and multiplayer. Finding survival although good fun gets stale quite quicky. shame game wasn't released with the proposed DlC zombies rather than having to wait and pay more money. Just my opinion. Thats all folks.
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