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5th Jan 2016

( copied from )

Jan. 04, 2015

 Activision made it official today with the announcement that they did purchase eSports giant Major League Gaming.

 This after rumors that went flying around the Internet over the New Years weekend and as I wrote about in the post MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING - A DISMAL END OR A BRIGHT NEW BEGINNING?

 However there are a few corrections to made.

1. Activision bought all of MLGs' assets. Meaning that Activsion now controls all of their software, sites, live streaming and broadcast technology pertaining to professional and competitive game play.

2. Activision also accepted all of MLGs' eSports staff including  Sundance Digiovanni. Sundance will continue the same position with MLG as he has maintained.

Mike Sepso, who co-founded MLG with Sundance and now works for Activision (since 2015), states "They're not going to see a ton of changes because we're going to continue to work with other publishers. We're still going to produce the CS:GO major in Ohio with Valve. We're going to continue to build that relationship, and we plan to continue working with all of the publishers that we can, not just Activision and Blizzard."

Activision plans to bring eSports to the level of ESPN.

"Our acquisition of Major League Gaming's business furthers our plans to create the ESPN of eSports," Activision CEO Bobby Kotick stated in a press release.

Neither to they plan to change what MLG is doing. Well, not right off anyway, but plan to expand their offerings to other publishers.

This in addition to EA ( Electronic Arts ) producing their own eSports division and Indie Studios also throwing around the idea will offer a very competitive market.

 These along with ESL, Twitch and YouTube should finally bring the competitiveness of video games to a much more broader market and in a more prime time slot.

 As 2016 progresses we will be watching this market continue to grow.


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