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Joined: 6th Dec 2014
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10th Oct 2015

I truly thought I was done with Destiny and I swore I would not buy another expansion. Well never say never.  I saw my nephew playing it and quick bought, download it and now I can't stop playing it. I know there are tons of things that I  have done yet but I am quite content to just roam around aimlessly. 
I still haven't done any of the raids except some of VOG and  got kicked when I couldn't do the jump puzzle. Didn't help I had 5 guys yelling at me and the fact that I am extremely afraid of heights. Yes I know it just a game but it still freaks me out. Anyways if you see me on or are willing to help me out send me a shout. I know I am missing some great stuff. Oh and just so you all are warned I am not a big talker with my headset. I follow instructions if told and will eventually work up to talking to people. 
Add me if you like and we can fight the darkness together.  My GT is the same as on here :-)
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Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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11th Oct 2015

I am the same way with games I say hell with this game but a few months later playing the game again.talking to strangers can be hard but everyone here at OaD are real nice so you shouldn't be
Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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11th Oct 2015

..."and the fact that I am extremely afraid of heights. Yes I know it just a game but it still freaks me out."...WOW!!! I ever know that feeling!!! stomach falls and my legs suddenly feel as heavy as lead...and no matter what I do, I can't get past subconscious screams at me, "DON'T MOVE!!! YOU'RE GONNA' FALL!!! ...maybe my sittin' so close to a big screen doesn't help the situation any, but I don't know if anything would!!! if the Queen's Ransom and VOG wasn't ENOUGH ALREADY, this frickin' Taken King Dreadnaught ship just makes me sick at times!!! whole body tenses up as if I'm tryin' to crush the controller with my hands!!! ...why do I keep playin' this freakin' game??? ...because it is SORTA' fun, so convoluted that you get lost in everything you can do and the challenges just seem to keep comin'...Spiteful, I'll walk gingerly with ya' anytime... ;0) ...let's just stay away from the edges and refrain from jumpin' into the nothingness... ;0)

Joined: 6th Dec 2014
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11th Oct 2015

You took the words right out if my mouth caddec. That's exactly how I feel. The dreadnaught is nothing but cliffs leading to a bottomless nothing. My jumping is horrible so I am always falling unless I use the blink jump and even that doesn't help in some cases. It would be my pleasure to run around with you :-)
Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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11th Oct 2015

Joined: 15th Dec 2014
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13th Oct 2015

A buddy if mine blasted the shit out of Destiny said it was worse game he ever bought and such, Last week I see his gamertag on my friends list and being joinable in Destiny. Jump into his party chat which he was with other friends/co-workers and said do my eyes deceive me Rob is playing Destiny? The rest of the friends in party started laughing and said yup we converted him to the Darkside. His response was yup I was just waiting for the rest of the game to come out before playing it. I had to agree with him with the new changes it does feel more like a complete game now. Especially since Year 1 achievements were completely made obsolete like I played a Beta for a year,
Forum » Games » Destiny
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