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6th Jan 2016

( copied from  )

Jan. 6, 2016

 Black Ops 3 received am hotfix update today, but as of yet the following is the only information we have received on it.

Here we go again. 43.*.29.5. Control bugs with Scorestreaks. Exploits patched. And a fix for teammates griefing your Scorestreaks in HC.

— David Vonderhaar (@DavidVonderhaar) January 6, 2016

 Another puzzling thing is the game version numbers.

Since the release of Black Ops 3 both the PS4 and the Xbox One game version identification numbers have been the same. Now this could be due to the release of the games DLC onto PS4 first and I am confident that that is the reason.

For now the updated version on the Xbox One is and for the PS4 it is

 As soon as more information is released on this most recent update we will post here.


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7th Jan 2016

Is anyone else having this problem, when I stop moving around the map for about 20 seconds or more, I'm getting kicked for inactivity. This is while I'm still moving my weapon around even making a kill or two it kicks me off the map'

Joined: 10th Jun 2014
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7th Jan 2016

Yes, they have implemented a timer, but it does not take into account every movement from the controller.

There have been several reports of people running and shooting , but due to the game they were in they didn't get a kill. For example one person was 0-5 in gun game and got kicked. They got a message saying that there were kicked for inactivity.

It is frustrating at times, especially during objective game modes when you need people to protect areas.
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Go all in at everything you do in life or die a failure

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7th Jan 2016 suck. We're booting you.

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Forum » Games » Call of Duty: Black Ops III
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