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Star Wars Battlefront - Keeps On Giving - Pt 3
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28th Jan 2016

Jan. 28, 2016

 Yesterday, Jan. 27, Wednesday, Star Wars Battlefront received a large update across all platforms with the update being around 1.1GB for each, except for the Companion App, which received its own smaller update.

  Here I will go through the update and the effects that I have noticed after playing for 6 hours after the update.

Additional Content/Functionality:

  • Multiplayer modes added to the Tatooine Survival map (Blast, Droid Run, Hero Hunt, Heroes vs Villains, Drop Zone)
Adds a great variety to an already great map - SR99
  • Hoth Luke Skywalker skin added
  • Hoth Han Solo skin added
Now this makes the characters look like they belong on Hoth. I mean really, how did they over look this little cosmetic hiccup? - SR99

  • Private match functionality added
Finally! Now maybe we can get some tournaments going. Note that you must have 6 players to activate this - SR99

Just for those that can't find the Private Match option. Some are just slower than others - SR99

  • Daily challenges added
These are OK, but the real thing I like about these are that they give you a timer for how long you have to complete the task and for when the next task will start - SR99

  • Setting for actively choosing server site added
Even though this is a good idea, it will not affect the majority of "honest" players. It will affect those that for whatever reason they are not being connected to their nearest server. ............ Sorry, neighbors nearly caught me stealing their Internet - SR99

Here you can change your settings for the server to US East, US WEST, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA or AUTOMATIC. Hmm, guess they forgot that some of us live between the East and West coast of the US. What do you think keeps the country from falling apart? - SR99

Continued at

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29th Jan 2016

Nice every time you put a update on this game you are making me want to get this game even more....
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29th Jan 2016

I love it.

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