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Call of Duty: WWII - Will They or Not??
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4th May 2017

May 4, 2017

  As most know the Call of Duty franchise started with World War II and now after years of complaints, frustrated players and loss of players the franchise has finally returned to the roots that made the franchise.

  For those that haven't seen it yet the following is the world wide reveal-

  This turn of events has rekindled the fire in the Call of Duty community and with this hopefully set in motion events that will lead to more Call Of Duty games that will also keep the franchise rooted.

  Call of Duty WWII brings back boots on the ground and a reality that those of us that started at the beginning with COD can relate to and have roots in.

  Their is however a lot of damage that has to be fixed after the last two releases over the past couple of years. 
Just going back and making a game that is "boots on the ground" and in familiar territory is not just going to win back those of us that helped build the franchise and devoted ourselves to the once great franchise. 

Putting a slip cover on an old couch doesn't make it new.

  Visuals seem to be every ones go to, but it is also the Achilles heel. Spending to much time on the visual aspect has seem to taken away from the focus on the mechanics of great game play.
  Balance and failure to fix the game as it progresses has been a main issue for sometime, even before Call of Duty left for a more Sci-Fi venue.
  Games like DOOM, Fallout, Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1 have fixes that fix issues in game play, both single and multi-player. The patch notes are not hidden and are posted immediately and the patches most of the time fix what they are meant to fix. It is very easy to see that alot goes into their fixes just by the size of the downloads. Time is spent by these companies fixing issues, not just adding camos or micro-transactions to bleed even more money out of players.

 While excited to see COD return back to what they should know best, there are still a lot of unknowns.

  E3 2017 will show and tell us more.


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16th Sep 2017

Any one here picking up WWII I played the beta it was nice glad not to see all the jumping around. pace of the game and time to kill reminds me of ghost. so ready to play the full version and see what's it's like
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Forum » Games » Call of Duty: WWII
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