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Gamers Supporting Gamers - Details

Gamers Supporting Gamers (GSG) is a program brought to you by the SGT RECOIL99  and OaDGaming Networks.

GSG allows members of OaDGaming, those in good standing, to advertise their business and/or fund raiser via packages.
This program is intended for self employed individuals, sole proprietorship and small businesses.

Sexually type business are NOT allowed, nor any site that has links to these types of businesses or sites. Finding these types of links will terminate and ban the member from OaDGaming permanently.  These links / sites include but not limited to - nude photos, porn, sex shops,etc. There will be no warning. ALL postings and links will be removed from the SGT RECOIL99 and OaDGaming Networks which include any and all extensions to, but not limited to XBOX , Playstation, FaceBook, Twitter, Twitch ,etc and any online forum that SGT RECOIL99 and OaGaming networks are involved If this person / business / member purchased a package "they" forfeit any and all tenders / payments made.
Fraudulent style sites and links will fall under the same standards as above.
Links and or sites that are found to contain malware and or viruses will be reported to the person / business / member and will have to fixed before it will be posted.
SGT RECOIL99 Network has final approval of all advertisers.

Note: some sites and pages are still under construction, but will be available 8 / 1 / 2017

Advertising packages -

OaD Free - Cost $0.00 - Includes - Free posting on the  GSG page located  on OadGaming (XBOX), OaDGaming (Playstation), SGT RECOIL99.
Advertisements - banners - banner and or pictures limiations vary throughout the SGT RECOIL99 / OaDGaming Networks and maybe resized to fit. Descriptions should be short and brief with keywords and limited to 200 characters.
Random posting in articles - 2 per month
Random posting and  "share" on FaceBook -1 per month
Random posting on Twitter - 1 per month
Random posting on on Pinterest - 1 per month

Send your advertisement request to with OaD Free in the subject line.  Include your OaDGaming member name / id . Do not send these request per these sites PM. Pictures should be sent in jpg or png formats. Banners should be in jpg, png, or gif format. Flex style banners are not yet approved for this program. Descriptions are limited to 200 charaters and should be sent in rtf , oxml,  or odt formats. No doc formats.
Include - name, business name, address and phone number, facebook, twitter, twitch, etc handles you want included.

The main functionality of OaD Free is for the community to work together. Like, share and follow each other and you will see more activity.

Medium Profile -

Coming soon

High Profile -

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